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Dear leaders,
If you are interested or want to explore the idea of merging your Discord or other communication software with us it is in our best interest to make you feel at home. We understand merging is a scary and stressful decision and want to try our best to ensure you that we want to take care of you.

We do have some rules though.
  1. We will go on trial for 7 days before making it official. This means that you will leave your Discord open and convert at least 25% of your members in our Discord to try us out before making a final decision. After one-week of checking out and thinking about the decision if you are still interested in merging with us we are going to request that you change all of your channels to read-only and merge your members over to our Discord or that or that you insist that your members use your category that you set up in our network as much as possible.
  2. Please refrain from bringing any ill-mannered or obscene topics, photos, or conversations in our available text and voice channels.
  3. If you decide that the merge wasn't right for you, that you speak to Bashea first to see if there's anything we can do to assist you with.
  4. In your entrance / default channel you state that we have merged (after the official merge) and state that you're moving all of your members to our server and that they should stay in both Discords in-case something goes wrong on either of our ends.

As a group leader you and your group will get the following perks:
  • A Discord category for your group. You as a group leader will have full access for granting permissions, creating channels, making roles, and customizing your experience in our network as you want.
  • Custom bot commands that can assign your group roles, channels, or anything you can think of that we can make. For assigning roles it will check for the clan leader or staff role, if true then it will run the command.
  • You and your staff will have unlimited access to add, remove, and manage permissions in your category(s)
  • We will not restrict what is said or intrude on your conversations within your chats, all of our staff will mute (aka hide) your entire category if requested. Please keep anything illegal out of our Discord is all we ask.
  • If you have any streamers in your group we can give them a spot under our stream page so it will show when they're live to everyone in our network.
  • Your own site theme once we establish a better relationship with each other
  • A card in our Trello for updates you request from us so you can see the progress on our projects and yours.
  • If you get enough members and prove to be a great partner of ours we will make you an email under our private email server. (
How we plan on doing this is
10 members+: Your group get's their bot command that automatically assigns you clan's chosen emoji tag next to your users usernamename, a clan leader and member role, and become an official partner of the network
30 members+: As many roles as you want for your group. ([Emoji] YourGroup RoleName)
45 members+: Your group gets their role displayed separately from the other roles
50 members+: You as a group leader and your other trusted staff get added to our staff team as an Advisor.
If you and your group prove that they are active, responsible, and mature we will talk about making you and maybe your most trusted staff a moderator for our entire network.

Once merged we will add you and your staff to a mutual staff channel among all of us in-case you need anything specifically.

What else would you like? Please let me know, I want to make any merges as simple and at-home feel as possible.

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