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    The current theme is to allow our users to use the clan / grouping system.
    Bashea is currently working on our main theme and talking to designers about getting an entire new theme made. We know the website is ugly.
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    If so we have a lot of new features for you to take advantage of. For advanced users we can even get you set up with a domain name (you pay) that will direct you and your users directly to your section on the site and allow for clean links.
Introducing the group / clans system.
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Long time no post

I hope all is well with everyone but we're redoing how grouping and dividers work. The primary features of this new system are
  • Forums
  • Gallery
  • Discussions
  • Events
  • Group management
This is extremely useful when it comes to managing users. It's essentially an entire basic clan website for you all to use. We do have perks further than that. If you find yourself with more than 10 members I do recommend you check out this discussion for information how to really get something started with us.
You don't have to be special to have a group in the network. This system is for everyone no matter how big your size is. I do suggest if you're making a group for you and just a handful of friends to make the group hidden private so it...
Merging details
Network updates and our new grouping system.
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So we've had a ton of changes over the past few days and have made lots of decisions.
  • We're merging with more guilds / discord servers
  • Our bot has more options and abilities (more to come soon)
  • We've removed the prison system of permissions and made everything accessible to everyone (for the most part)
What does this mean for you?

That ultimately means that we're gathering more users, opening the server up more, and having a smoother working system for our Discord. We're expanding past just gaming, because let's face it. Look at the condition gaming is right now. What do you do outside of gaming? I personally chat around the internet in chatrooms, it's a perfect spot to get more chatty members and make some new friends. But that's just me. If you do anything and have a group of friends you regularly play with but don't want to do deal with the hassle of getting nice things then we're here for you. Bring them on over, you'll get...
News about the network and our plans
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Heyo, I haven't given a community update in a while.

I have some plans that I plan on taking effect here soon.
  1. I need more staff for the network.
  2. I need staff for the MapleStory 2 guild.
  3. I'm looking to promote streamers and YouTubers. (New or old)
I need more staff for the network. Not just any staff, but creative staff. People who are genuinely interested in seeing this network grow. Staff who can go out and recruit more people and assist them. I'm looking to make a thriving community for Arcanics, and eventually incorporate more communities under our site and name. We're able to do this but I'm not able to do this alone due to my small time window.

The reason I need staff for our MapleStory 2 guild is because I'm getting burnt out and need some people to assist running it in my place while I'm working on other things.

I want streamers and YouTubers to bring more life to the network. I can give you a full stream set up including a bot...
Discord role purge
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All users who are not signed up will lose their Discord roles on Oct. 10th
Obviously if you're reading this post you're either considering signing up or are already signed up. But I'm notifying everyone everywhere why we're going to have a shortage of registered users and users with roles after the 10th. I doubt half of the users will re-sign up because they joined specifically because of a game instead of wanting to partake in the network as a regular.

Again, we're still looking for the following:
  • Network Representative
  • MapleStory 2 Advisor
  • Network streamers
  • An artist
If you are any of the following please go ahead and make a post here.
New website new us
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Welcome back to the site if you're returning, and welcome to the network if you're new.

We may not seem like much but if you stick around you will see how dedicated we are to our name. We've been a small community since 2013, but have changed over sites and Vo-IP / Voice communications too damn much. Which entails of us losing all of our members. People burn out of games, we get it. But if you're interested in joining a community to stay in then welcome home.

We like to have fun here at Arcanics Network, you just have to hop in and say hi or type in chat to us. We're friendly people.

Our goal right now is to finish up this site and hop on MapleStory 2 when it comes out for head start. So that's where we'll be. If you aren't already a part of the head start, you can purchase a founders pack for a pretty penny here.

No question is a stupid question. Feel free to ask questions on our...