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So we've had a ton of changes over the past few days and have made lots of decisions.
  • We're merging with more guilds / discord servers
  • Our bot has more options and abilities (more to come soon)
  • We've removed the prison system of permissions and made everything accessible to everyone (for the most part)
What does this mean for you?

That ultimately means that we're gathering more users, opening the server up more, and having a smoother working system for our Discord. We're expanding past just gaming, because let's face it. Look at the condition gaming is right now. What do you do outside of gaming? I personally chat around the internet in chatrooms, it's a perfect spot to get more chatty members and make some new friends. But that's just me. If you do anything and have a group of friends you regularly play with but don't want to do deal with the hassle of getting nice things then we're here for you. Bring them on over, you'll get your own clan / group, your own private (or public channels) and will be able to add more channels under your category without any restrictions. You can add and remove as you please. You will be given all the permissions for your category that you would have under your own personal Discord. The only difference is you're in a larger environment with tons of more possible people to chat and play games with. I'm still personally debating if I want to give access to colored roles, DM me about it if that's what you want as a group leader.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please dm me on Discord Bashea#7777

As a group leader you and your group will get the following perks
  • Your own fully customizable category for you and your group (Yes, you can even make private channels between just you and your staff.)
  • Custom commands for you and your group (however you want them)
  • Commands to give your users roles, you won't need us to give and remove staff and other roles from your members, we'll generate random numbers so nobody can guess your custom role assignment roles.
  • Commands to create new roles (please be careful once given to you and do not give it to your members.)
  • Forums, media, and a resources section for you and your group on this website.
  • Your own site theme once we establish a better relationship with each other
How we plan on doing this is
10 members+: Your group get's their own emoji tag next to their name, a role, and your own category
15 members+: Your group gets their role displayed separately from the other roles
30 members+: Your group gets their own custom color for the role
50 members+: You as a group leader and your other trusted staff get added to our staff team as an Advisor.
If you and your group prove that they are active, responsible, and mature we will talk about making you and maybe your most trusted staff a moderator for our entire network.

What else would you like? Please let me know, I want to make any merges as simple and at-home feel as possible.

Here's an older post with my vision for Arcanics Network.


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